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Underground Piercing Tools TERMA

Model: Piercing Tools   

The TERMA is used for trenchless underground pipe and cable laying. TERMA MAX piercing tools are destined for pulling plastic pipes up to 200 mm, and ramming steel pipes up to 700 mm When displacing soil the pneumatically powered tools force their way through the ground simultaneously installing PVC or PE pipes under driveways, roads and railway lines. The process is fast and economical, minimizing disruption and allows continuation of traffic flows during works

Typically, underground piercing tools are used over distances of 5 – 20 m. In addition, the TERMA is used for steel pipe ramming and pipe bursting without any modification.

MAX Drilling Power are very friendly to use and easy to control during all works. You can change direction of the machine using the pneumatic valve in the control panel / lubricator. They are lubricated by means of biodegradable oil EkoMAX, made of environment friendly components.


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