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Machine Control Systems

Leica EZiDIG

EZiDIG, is the world’s first excavator mounted cable avoidance tool, it alerts the operator in real time to the presence of buried metallic services.



Leica Depthmaster MC200

Leica Basic Digging System (former Leica MC200 Depthmaster) is an ideal tool for any kind of height control for Excavators. Simply turn the excavator dipper into an integrated...


Asphalt paver - profiler system

Milling Machines are used for road maintenance. They remove the surface of old or damaged pavement to a depth of up to 35 cm depending on the repair works...


LEICA Power Digger
Leica PowerDigger Sets New Standards for Excavator Guidance
With the new Leica PowerDigger Excavator Guidance...

Leica Power Grade 2D/3D

Leica PowerGrade can dramatically increase machine utilisation, productivity and optimise material usage on any earthmoving and fine-grading contract. It can be used with a wide...