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17 years of experience in Lithuanian market
Though MASTERMANN is new trademark in Baltic States equipment and technologies market, company MASTERMANN (former Kausta Guder) was actually established in February 11, 1995.


The main activity of the company is supply of modern construction, agricultural and industrial equipment. Since the very beginning company’s strategy was to offer all assortment of small construction equipment, equipment for municipal and utilities companies. Some of our equipment can be also used for farming and industrial applications. In the future company is planning to expand the scope of these activities.


Company is one of the leaders in its field. Consolidated annual turnover exceeds 15 mln. EUR. Currently in four companies branches in Lithuania and daughter company MASTERMANN SIA in Latvia are working more than 70 highly skilled employees.

Wide assortment


At the moment company is focused on construction machinery and equipment market, where 6 main business activity field can be determined-


1. Earth mowing equipment (skid steer loaders, mini excavators, soil compaction and concrete equipment);


2. Power and pumping ( mortar, concrete, water and other construction material pumps, all types of power packs – gen sets, hydraulic power packs, compressors);


3. Mobile constructions (ladders, mobile scaffolding, mobile fence, construction containers);


4. Tools;


5. Service and maintenance of all listed technical and technological equipment;


6. Rent of construction equipment (where applicable);


Sales of used construction equipment are growing rapidly. It looks like soon sales of used equipment will gain its status as a new filed of activity.


Highest quality


From the beginning on of the main goals of MASTERMANN is to offer to the client the highest quality. First of all we understand quality as a quality of equipment sold, because of that we choose our suppliers very carefully- product must meet highest quality standards, provide for the customer long term benefit, reliability, excellent performance. Because of that we prefer working with companies market leaders. Among our suppliers such big names like Bosch, Dynapac, Kaeser Kompressoren, Hatz, Zarges, Leica, Somero.


But equipment quality is not the only thing that matters. Service quality is very important as well. Because of that, good service- our priority No 1.  And it’s not only words. MASTERMANN is proud to have one of the most modern service facilities. We have specialized workshop for repairing petrol engines, diesel engines, electrical part of the equipment, mechanical workshop, welding and equipment testing facilities, closed cycle washing equipment, measuring equipment testing laboratory. In the workshop, which size is of 800 sq. meters, are working more than 20 highly skilled professionals, whose primary task is to ensure long service time of every machine sold by the company.


Our specialists are constantly trained in Lithuania and abroad. Hatz, Dynapac, Kaeser and Gehl training became usual to our service team. 13 years working experience makes service one of the biggest advantages of MASTERMANN.


All the experience is transferred to our branches in other Baltic States. During 2008 MASTERMANN service facilities in Riga were renewed and expanded.


Since ‘2000 MASTERMANN is authorized service of Hatz diesel engines. We see it as a best recognition of our efforts to provide to the customer best service available.

Professional consultation


Choosing right equipment sometimes can become a really hard task. MASTERMANN offers a professional advice when choosing equipment. Most of our employees are very experience. Many of the product managers have been working for the company for 5-6 years – long enough to accumulate both theoretic and practical knowledge and experience. Effective staff motivation and training system ensures good employee’s motivation, constant growth of their knowledge and good customer service standards. We are selling more than just a piece of iron, but also our technologies and our accumulated know-how, allowing to use your equipment in most efficient way.

Customer training


Customer training


Regular customer training seminars and demos are another big advantage of MASTERMANN. Annually up to 6 training seminars are organized. We carefully select themes so they are interesting for general and road contractors. During seminars we present all new equipment, but also share experience with the customers, educate them how to use their equipment properly, listen to their opinion and requirements. Of course all these things would be impossible without close collaboration with our suppliers.    MASTERMANN’S sales managers are regularly trained and receive all new information from Dynapac, Hatz, Gehl, Kaeser Kompressoren, Bosch and other companies. 

After sales service



After Sales services - very important part of equipment business. Spare pars, consumables supply, proper technical documentation- all that is necessary to have in order to succeed in equipment business.


Be sure we have it!


Stock of consumables. We consider it to be a crime – selling equipment, if you do not have reasonable stock of the consumables. Because of that allocate sufficient financial resources to have enough stock – at MASTERMANN you select what you need from the widest assortment of original Bosch accessories, we also have sufficient stock of Dynapac smoothing discs and blades as well as any other  extras, which might be necessary for your machine to work perfectly. 


Spare part stock. In our well organized spare part storehouse you will find almost any part you might need for the equipment, sold by our company. If required part is not in stock, our reliable partners guaranty, that necessary part you will get in the shortest time. Ordering spare parts our managers use special software, helping them ordering Bosch, Hatz, Deutz, Kaeser and other spare parts quicker and easier.


Technical documentation. We have workshop manuals and spare part catalogues for all products we sell.  Our employee have taken part in Deutz, Perkins, Briggs & Straton trainings and are authorized to repair all these engines.


Getting started. You need assistance to get your new equipment running? Or short introduction training on your job site? MASTERMANN mobile service workshop is at your service. All what you need is to give us a call and agree about time…

Long term relationship


Long term relationship


One time sale is not our goal. We see our strategy as a long term partnership, and always look for the way to make our activity more effective. In 2006 we have opened new branch in Panevėžys. In 2008 MASTERMANN SIA in Riga has moved into new, modern facilities number of employees has increased, material basis has become stronger. We do expect that it will help us to improve service quality in Latvia. In the nearest future further expansion of geographical sales network and product portfolio is planed, because we believe that constant growth and improvement is the only way to create and maintain long term relationship with our customers, become not only business partners, but also friends, thus creating good atmosphere of mutual understanding. Looking back to our 13 years of experience we can find a lot of examples, when this vision has become true. Choose “MASTERMANN” as your partner and one day we’ll definitely become friends…

This is our strategy-


-          Experience;


-          Variety;


-         Top quality;


-         Professional advice and customers training;


-          After Sales services;


-          Long term relationship;


This is our understanding of professionalism - professional equipment sold by professionals to professionals…